Obsession Turned Deadly: The Tragic Story of Rie Miyoshi’s Murder

In 2012, Rie Miyoshi was brutally murdered by her former ex-boyfriend, Hideto Kozutsumi. Hideto, who was unwilling to accept the end of their relationship

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Rie Miyoshi | Photo credit: imago-images.com

Rie Miyoshi was a 33-year-old married woman who worked as a freelance designer and magazine writer in that year. It was said that Rie was a good, kind, and optimistic woman who was adored by her peers. In other words, she posed no problems whatsoever.

Hideto Kozutsumi, a 40-year-old man, broke into Rie’s apartment through the window on November 6, 2012. Rie was living alone in the apartment at the time. Rie was murdered by Hideto, who repeatedly stabbed her in the body and slashed her neck.

After killing Rie, Hideto pretended to commit suicide by hanging his neck with a rope at the crime scene. The police then arrived at Rie’s apartment after Rie’s neighbors reported seeing Hideto’s body hanging from a rope.

Hideto Kozutsumi repeatedly stabbed Rei in the body and slashed her neck. Photo credit: blog.goo.ne.jp

Who is Hideto, then? Why did he commit the murder? Well, he was an ex-boyfriend of Rie’s who had taught social sciences at a private school. Hideto and Rie first met in 2004 before beginning their relationship. Nonetheless, Rie decided to end the relationship after only two years.

However, Hideto, who refused to accept the truth, continued to threaten to kill Rie via text messages, emails, and phone calls. As soon as Rie threatened to file a police report, the harassment ceased.

Two years after their 2008 breakup, Rie married another man. Following her marriage, Rie followed her husband to a new city.

Hideto proved incapable of forgetting Rie. At one point, he was prepared to quit his job in order to locate Rei. Hideto, who never gave up, never lost hope that Rie would return to his arms. When Hideto learned that Rie had married another man, he was utterly devastated and overcome with depression.

At one point, Hideto attempted suicide in a mountainous region, but he was miraculously saved. Following Hideto’s…



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