In a Viral Video, a 10-Year-Old Chinese Boy Chokes His Grandmother To Death

‘Your grandmother is dead! Your grandmother is dead!“

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In the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, a 10-year-old boy was arrested for killing his grandmother by choking her. It’s not clear when it happened, but a video that recently went viral on social media in China and around the world shows the whole terrible thing.

In the disturbing video, you can see the boy’s grandmother hit him twice in the head before he punches her in the chest and grabs her by the neck.

The boy then grabs his grandmother’s head and throws her to the ground.

The elderly woman attempted to fight off her grandson’s hold but appeared too frail to succeed. She even took a shoe and attempted to hit the youngster with it, but she was unsuccessful.

The person taking the video can be heard laughing while the boy yells and complains about always getting beaten by his grandmother.

After a few seconds, the elderly woman stops moving, and the person filming urges the youngster to let her go.

“Get up… “She won’t hit you anymore. Let go quickly,” as heard on the recording.

The boy did so unwillingly and continued to complain about being beaten.

In the background, a woman could be heard asking what was going on before she realized what had happened.

She went into the room and began slapping the youngster while yelling at him,

“Your grandmother is dead! Your grandmother is dead!”

Three other children saw the spectacle in silence while the boy sobbed.

The person filming left at some point, so the video clip ended.


Even though there was no information about the incident, a video later showed the boy and his friends being arrested.

Reports say that the boy’s friends told him to get revenge for the attack, which is why he and three of his friends were arrested.



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