Husband Kissed His Pregnant Wife Before Pushing Her Down a Cliff

“Go to hell!” On June 9, 2019, Wang Nan’s husband pushed her off a cliff in Thailand. These were the last words she heard.

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Wang Nan. Photo credit: / South China Morning Post / Handout

“Go to hell”. This was the last thing Wang Nan heard from her husband before he kissed her on the cheek and pushed her off a cliff in Thailand on June 9, 2019, where he had taken her to watch the sunrise.

Wang, who was three months pregnant with her husband Yu Xiaodong’s child, crashed onto a rock in Pha Taem National Park after colliding with a dense forest. She lay in agony for thirty minutes before a tourist discovered her and brought her to a nearby hospital.

The pregnant woman, identified as Wang Nan, and her unborn child both survived the 34-metre (110-foot) fall, but the woman was compelled to abort her child due to the high amounts of medication she had to take following the incident.

Yu Xiao Dong requested his wife, Wang Nan to stay on the cliff’s viewing platform on June 9th, claiming that there was a 3,000-year-old cave artwork nearby that they should see.

However, the couple was unable to locate the cave painting and walked closer to the edge of the viewing platform when Wang reported that Yu grabbed her waist and kissed her.

She then felt pressure on her back and was forced off the platform.

In 2017, Wang Nan Married Her Husband Whom She Had Only Known for Two Months

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Wang Nan married her husband in July 2017 after knowing him for barely two months. Wang remembers Yu proposing to her nearly daily.



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