Did the Wife Kill the Husband Out of Love Or Hate?

Chen Danlei stayed with the body of He Lei for seven days and even slept with it

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Chen Danlei and He Lei. Photo credit: daydaynews.cc

The marriage of Chen Danlei’s parents was a sorrow, yet she was born into a normal family in 1977. Her father was a university professor, whilst her mother was a simple peasant girl. This caused her mother to believe that she was unworthy of her father, resulting in her mother’s everyday mistrust of her father.

The marriage was extremely challenging to maintain. Chen Danlei’s parents always fought with each other every day about small things and suspicions.

Eventually, Chen Danlei’s father was unable to endure this lifestyle and filed for divorce from Chen Danlei’s mother. Chen Danlei’s mother was unable to withstand such a blow and committed suicide, which cast a significant psychological shadow on the young Chen Danlei. She became paranoid and suspicious.

After being accepted to Tsinghua University in 1995 with the fifth-best grade in Sichuan Province, Chen Danlei rose to the position of top student there. Despite the fact that she had no friends in college due to her shy demeanor, she met her own love, He Lei, by chance.

He Lei and Chen Danlei first became acquainted through a campus card, and their friendship and eventual romance blossomed from there. In 2001, Chen Danlei was able to get into Purdue University in the United States to study.

She wanted her boyfriend to come with her to the United States. Therefore, He Lei accompanied Chen Danlei to the United States as an accompanying student. He Lei worked hard and didn’t have to wait long to get into the local graduate school. He made many friends because of his cheerful and passionate demeanor, while Chen Danlei only had He Lei as a friend.

Report from Purdue University. Photo credit: min.news

Chen Danlei frequently had doubts about various things. They’ve turned into a resentment couple. Chen Danlei never finds justification for herself and believes He Lei is at fault.

Chen Danlei and He Lei were once again involved in a conflict. Chen Danlei took up a knife…



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