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9-year-old Fusako Sano was held captive for nine years and two months until the crime was discovered on January 28, 2000.

Fusako Sano is a Japanese woman who was kidnapped at age nine by Nobuyuki Satō. Photo credit:

Fusako Sano (born 1981), also known as Sachiko Yamada, is a Japanese woman who was abducted at the age of nine by Nobuyuki Sat and held captive for nine years and two months, from November 13, 1990, to January 28, 2000.

Irina Gaidamachuk, dubbed “Satan in a Skirt,” was responsible for the death of 17 elderly over an eight-year reign of terror.

Irina Gaidamachuk. Photos credits:

Irina Gaidamachuk, a 41-year-old mother of two who lived in the isolated Urals village of Krasnovfimsk, had a voracious appetite for vodka. However, her husband Yuri refused to give her money to purchase the drink. As a result, Irina chose to earn it herself.

Irina was born on 22 May 1972 in the town of Nyagan, Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, USSR. At a young age, she developed an addiction to alcohol, and her parents were subsequently deprived of parental responsibility.

Irina came to Krasnoufimsk in 1990 when she was 18 years old, where she met her future husband, Yuri, with whom…

He wrapped her body and stored it in the fridge on the balcony for 105 days while maintaining his online persona as her husband.

Zhu Xiaodong, 31, strangled his wife Yang Liping in 2016. Photo credits:

On October 17, 2016, 31-year-old Zhu Xiaodong strangled his wife, Yang Liping, to death during an argument. He wrapped his wife’s corpse in a bedsheet and hid it in a freezer on the balcony of their home in Hongkou District, Shanghai.

On the issue of Zhu’s purpose, the courts found that Zhu had several affairs following his marriage to Yang in 2015. Two months prior to the killing in August 2016, Zhu told his mistress that he and Yang had separated and were no longer together.

In the same month, he purchased some “true crime” books and had them delivered…

In April 1996, Huugjilt was found guilty of raping and murdering a woman and was executed. 18 years later, a confessed murderer admitted that he did the act.

(Right) Huugjilt, (Left) Zhao Zhihong. Photo credits:

On April 9, 1996, Huugjilt discovered the body of a woman called Yang in a factory’s public bathroom. The woman had been raped and strangled, and the official tunnel vision common of wrongful convictions immediately focused on Huugjilt. With conviction quotas to meet, authorities pushed Huugjilt into confessing and bringing the case to a premature close.

It took only 61 days from the time the case was reported to the time Huugjilt was executed. …

A sex worker who fought for custody of her two children during her divorce only to become tired of caring for them

Sanae Shimomura. Photo credits:

The Osaka child abandonment case involved two abandoned children in Osaka, Japan. It happened in late June 2010 when Sanae Shimomura, a 23-year-old Japanese single mother living in Osaka, closed the door to her apartment shut, leaving her 3-year-old daughter Sakurako Hagi and 1-year-old son Kaede Hagi alone inside with no way out.

Sanae Shimomura was the mother of two adorable children: Sakurako Hagi, a sweet girl, and Kaede Hagi, a charming little boy. Since her divorce in May 2009, she has been responsible for raising her children alone, a position she clearly can’t bear. …

The seven-year-old was in a coma for more than two months when his parents chose to take him from life support.

Taiwanese boy, 7, in a coma after allegedly being thrown more than 20 times during Judo lesson. Photo credit:

Seven-year-old Taipei kid who was thrown to the ground many times while participating in a Judo lesson died on June 29. His parents had made the decision to remove him from life support after 70 days of treatment.

An 11-year-old boy from Taiwan named Huang was found in a vegetative state after being thrown to the ground more than 20 times in a row during a Judo lesson on April 21, according to the police.

Huang’s uncle, who was present during the training, stated that the boy began classes around 7 p.m. on April 21.

Huang appeared to be unwell…

Throughout his life, Fukiage was involved in a number of rapes and killings. Some claim that he raped about 100 women and killed seven girls.

Serial rapist-murderer Satarō Fukiage. Photo credit:

Satarō Fukiage was a Japanese rapist and serial killer who lived from 1889 to 1926. He was responsible for the deaths of at least seven young women. He murdered his first victim in 1906, and between 1923 and 1924, he murdered a total of six girls. Fukiage was convicted in three of the six incidents in which he was charged, although the exact number of victims is unknown.

Fukiage victims included a number of other women, and one idea holds that he raped 93 girls and perhaps 100 women in addition to the murder victims. …

Although some believe she was a victim of Jack the Ripper, officials have been unable to link her to the case.

Newspaper illustrates the finding of the victim’s torso. By Unknown author — Source: The Illustrated Police News newspaper, October 1888 [1]., Public Domain,

A woman’s dismembered remains were discovered at three locations in the city center between September 11 and October 17, 1888, including the future site of Scotland Yard, where the police department’s headquarters would eventually be established. The body was matched with a right arm and shoulder by Police Surgeon Thomas Bond, previously discovered on 11 September near Pimlico on the muddy bank of the Thames river. The Times newspaper had initially speculated that the arm had been submerged in water as a prank by a group of medical students. …

They were murdered during a home invasion in the middle of the night by an unknown killer who then remained in the house for several hours before fleeing.

The bodies of the Miyazawa family were discovered at their Setagaya Ward residence on 31 December 2000. Photo source.

The Setagaya Family Murders

At their home in the Kamisoshigaya neighborhood of Setagaya in the western suburbs of Tokyo on December 31, 2000, the bodies of Mikio Miyazawa, 44, his 41-year-old wife, Yasuko, and their daughters, Niina, 8, and Rei, 6, were discovered by Yasuko’s mother, Haruko, who reported it to the police. Mikio, Yasuko, and Niina had all been stabbed to death, and Rei had been strangled to death as well.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation of the crime scene revealed that the family had been murdered on December 30 at approximately 11:30 p.m. …

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